Tuesday, March 17, 2015

QBP #047 - Shado: Song of the Dragon, Book Four

Shado: Song of the Dragon, Book Four, DC Comics, cover-dated April 1992.

"The Black Dragon," by Mike Grell, with art by Michael Davis Lawrence and Gray Morrow.

It's a brother versus brother showdown over control of a powerful sword? Will the man of peace and contemplation be victorious? Or will his power-mad brother retain control of Japanese organized crime? What about the two American vets -- what role will they play in all of this? And does Shado even dare take on the Yakuza, knowing that she is considered by them to be a traitor and enemy? Listen to the episode and find out!

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  1. A fantastic conclusion to a great 4 issue series! Wow it sounds like this book really amped up the action and suspense in the final chapter. I love the "Live by the Yakuza, Die by the Yakuza" phrase and the shocking ending. Now I know I really need to track this series down, it has now jumped to the top of my search list for Cons.

    I also totally agree with your sentiments about the need for a strong conclusion for enjoyable story. Ideally I want a strong journey & destination, but a strong conclusion can do wonders for saving a story that meanders during the journey part of the story. But a weak conclusion ruins the story for me.

    Strong Chapters 1, 3, and 4 more than make up for a slower chapter 2, giving this series a very big win!

    -Kyle Benning

    1. This was my first time reading this series, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you find it, and of course I hope you find it at a good price!

      Thanks for the thoughts on endings, as well.