Tuesday, December 23, 2014

SS #027 - Feedback Episode

Shortbox Showcase #27-- Feedback III

In this episode we tackle lots and lots of feedback from lots and lots of wonderful listeners. Feedbacks about canon and fandom, Superman, Batman .... and lots and lots of feedback about Identity Crisis. We knew our listeners were awesome, but this episode proved to us JUST HOW AWESOME our listeners are.

Also ... Merry Christmas from Emily and Professor Alan! We are blessed to have such a great community of listeners. We appreciate you all. 

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Promo: Tales of the JSA: Crisis on Infinite Earths

Closing Music:"O Come O Come Emmanuel," by Paeter Frandsen, host of The Spirit Blade Underground podcast.

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  1. Replies
    1. You and the website get a shout-out in the next Quarter-Bin, out around Jan 8 or 9!

    2. well in that case may the Gods of Galador smile upon your next Quarter-Bin podcast. speaking of John Ostrander and the rebooted DC Universe i tried giving the new Suicide Squad series a chance but i dropped the title after about 10 issues and i haven't bought a new DC comic ever since. the writers at DC these days just don't know how to write that book the way Ostrander and even Greg Rucke did. same goes for Marvel with the way they've mangled the ROM legacy for the last 14 years the biggest insult was in Infinity #1 last year when they destroyed Galador right after we saw the return of the classic spaceknights. for years i've only bought back issues i really have no reason to buy new stuff from DC or Marvel. but i don't think very highly of Hasbro these days either. i'm just at a loss to understand Marvel and Hasbro's inability to hammer out a new deal to get ROM back in the Marvel Universe again it just makes no sense. all hasbro has done in all these years with ROM is make some crappy midget doll.