Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mister Hero: the bound version

As we discussed in episode 22 of the Shortbox Showcase, Emily and I had the 18 issues of Mr. Hero: The Newmatic Man bound last year. We chose that title partially because of the Steampunk style of the story and partially because it had mostly sentimental value, in case the issues were lost or ruined. Fortunately, they were not. Here are some pictures of the finished product: 

We used Houchen Bindery, and were very pleased with the results.  They offered a wide array of options for customization. We were able to reorder some pages (all the covers and letters pages are collected at the end) and send in paper for custom end pages, along with our own printed table of contents. The gold lines on the binding cost a few extra bucks, as did the printing on the cover. The process was easy -- the hardest part was removing the staples from the books and separating / cutting the pages down the middle.

We hope this gives you an idea of what a bound book of comic books look like. We are debating the next titles that we should send in. Maybe a collection of 4-issue mini-series, or a 12-issue limited series.