Tuesday, July 22, 2014

UBA #004 - Zany Haney!

Uncovering the Bronze Age #4 -- Welcome to Planet Bob

Following up on a story she covered a few months back with Michael Bradley over on the Superman & Batman podcast, Emily looks at the second story featuring the "Super Sons," Batman Jr. and Superman Jr. Of course it's an imaginary story -- it was written by Bob Haney.

Emily talks about the importance of pacing and character in a mystery story, as well as what Haney has to say about dealing with strangers and aliens. She also does some compare-and-contrast analysis with last episode's Jack Kirby epic. Her conclusions may surprise you.

World's Finest #216, "Little Town with a Big Secret," by Bob Haney, with art by Dick Dillin and Murphy Anderson, DC Comics, cover-dated March, 1973.

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The music in the episode includes Mark Snow's "UNKLE" variation on his X-Files theme song, from the X-files: I Want to Believe original soundtrack.

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  1. Another great episode, and well worth the wait.

    I've yet to cross paths with any of Bob Haney's comic work, and had never even heard of the Super Sons before, so this was all new to me. Definitely sounds like interesting stuff, and on top of my dad recently mentioning Haney as an interesting, if inconsistent, writer, you have me curious to track some of it down. Great review, as always. :)

    In terms of audio balancing, I don't even use Audacity for that aspect of production anymore outside small tweaks here and there. For the bulk of it, I use Levelator, which I highly recommend. It's free and all you do is save the file as a .wav, drag and drop, and it'll do all the work for you. Just don't use stereo files and save inserting music for later, as odd things can happen. But it's otherwise been a godsend after I spent the first 2 years of Remakes manually balancing everything.

    And excellent choice of closing music!

  2. Always glad to have you listening, and feedbacking, Noel. Haney is in his own world, literally -- he just did not concern himself with continuity, so DC unofficially said that his stories took place on Earth-B, for Bob.