Thursday, March 13, 2014

QBP #021 - Adam Strange, Book 3

Adam Strange: The Man of Two Worlds, Book #3, cover-dated May 1990.

"Chapter 3," by Richard Bruning, with art by Adam and Andy Kubert.

The forces of Zared have attacked Ranagar. Can Adam Strange protect his people, protect his pregnant wife, and avoid his mistress Eve? Is that Sardath with the awesome high-tech eyepatch? And how much of this reimagining actually "stuck" in further iterations of the character? Listen to the episode and find out!

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Next Episode: Iron Man #195, cover-dated June 1985.

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  1. Count me among those who would have no problem with you covering a mini or multi-issue arc now and then. The way you've worked them in up to this point is just fine. :)

  2. thanks, man -- there is potentially a 4-parter coming up, starting around episode 35-ish. So that will be a test of listener's patience!

  3. ... and there might be some more Adam Strange coming down the road, too.