Monday, September 2, 2013

Shortbox Showcase #003

Alternate Universes and Parallel Earths. Professor Alan and Emily have a nice father-daughter talk about imaginary stories, parallel earths, and alternate universes. Discussions of Jay Garrick and Barry Allen, Elseworlds, the New Universe (remember that?), the Ultimate line, and What-Ifs can all be found ... in the Shortbox.

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Special thanks: Stephen Lacey

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1 comment:

  1. Despite being the pro-Remakes guy, I'm not always a fan of reboots. We have a saying over at my show that, no matter how bad a remake is, it doesn't make the original go away. With stuff like the Nu52, it does. It takes titles people are still reading and investing in and just junks them for the new thing not everyone was looking for. To be fair, the majority of reboots aren't this. Either they're like Ultimates or DC Animated, where it's a new thing running parallel to the old thing, or like Valiant, where years have passed since the old one died and the reboot is being used to start that motor going again. Those I'm fine with, but I've never been a fan of just junking the old thing for no reason, especially since it's been well proven that it doesn't "clean up" continuities like it's often claimed to.

    That said, I'm with Emily in still enjoying glimpses into alternate versions, either through dipping in both running streams, or looking into the puddles of What Ifs and Elseworlds. Neat stuff can be explored there, but the stuff that's still running doesn't need to die in order to do so.