Saturday, April 25, 2015

QBP #050 - Turok Dinosaur Hunter #1

Quarter-Bin Podcast #50

Turok Dinosaur Hunter #1, Valiant Comics, cover-dated July 1993.

"Cold Blood Blazing," by David Michelinie, with art by Bart Sears and Randy Elliott

How many podcasters does it take to cover the most quintessnetial quarter-bin book of all time? Evidently, it takes 4 of them: Professor Alan, Ed Moore, Tom Panarese, and Paul Spataro

As a story, how does the issue hold up? Setting aside all of the hype and legend, is it any good? And does this book really deserve the reputation is has for single-handedly crashing the entire comic book industry? Listen to the episode and find out!

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  1. I have yet to read most of the Valiant universe beyond their massive 1992 crossover event Unity. That was the only story collected in trades during the original era and my dad had copies. Rich, epic story, surprisingly easy to follow given it's dumping you right in the middle of every book in the line. Shooter was still in charge at the time, and say what you will about the dude as a chief or a person, he really knew how to intricately craft a story and universe. Definitely want to check out more.

    Regarding what one of your co-hosts mentioned, I was also put off from their books when I was younger due entirely to the coloring, which always looked like colored pencils to me and just didn't line up with what other comics were doing at the time. I kind of like the faded, rustic look now, but definitely get why it didn't pop alongside the others on the shelves at the time.

    While they haven't released many trades, Valiant has been making a huge push to digitize their entire library, and big chunks of the old stuff are up on Comixology. Minus anything involving the Dell/Gold Key characters, sadly.

    Really enjoyed the change in format, Professor, and look forward to any future titles you decide to bring in such a panel for. :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Noel. I can take credit for thinking of the panel idea, and corralling the guests, but the bulk of the content ... that's all them!

      I can't say that I've read many (any?) Valiant books from this era, although the more time that passes, Valiant seem to be the ones that have the best reputation, especially compared to Image.